Five Root Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Men w/ Easy Solutions

Key Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Men
Millions of men from all ages and countries are suffering from sexual dysfunction. In fact, in today’s world it is quite common for any man to suffer from erectile dysfunction, whether occasionally or constantly. The good news is that most causes of ED can be eliminated or put under control. The following are five of the top causes of weakened sexual performance in men.

1. Physical Dullness

Having an inactive lifestyle may lead to weight gain, which in turn leads to many sexual problems. Obesity and lack of physical activity can cause erectile dysfunction, low libido and low testosterone levels. In addition to that, the more fat you have around your genitals the smaller your penis will appear, which may have a drastic negative impact on self-image and confidence. Exercising regularly and losing weight is a proven way to improve your sexual health and function.

2. Diabetes

This wide-spread epidemic often causes damage to your body’s nerves and blood vessels. Since both the nervous and circulatory systems play key roles in creating an erection, diabetes can eventually lead to serious erection problems if not dealt with properly.

3. Smoking

This notorious habit not only damages your heart and arteries, but can slowly kill your sexual potency. Men who smoke are many times more likely to develop erectile dysfunction as a result of hindered blood circulation. The toxins that you inhale into your body can also hurt your sperm and leave you unable to impregnate your wife. Start quitting today if you’d like to make your penis healthier, stronger and bigger.

4. Depressed Mood

Depression is one of the main psychological causes of sexual dysfunction in men. If you are sad and depressed, this can significantly lower your interest in sex, making it almost impossible to get or maintain an erection in bed, even with the help of an ED medication — like Viagra! Depression also affects other aspects of your life such as mental well-being and productivity. If you are having trouble controlling your constantly depressed mood, seek professional assistance.

5. Drinking

Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your overall health — we all know that. But did you know that alcohol can also lower your testosterone making you less of a man and more of a woman?! Possible negative effects of alcohol on manhood include; erectile dysfunction, lowered fertility and loss of body hair. Additionally, heavy drinking can lead to stupid sexual actions that you may regret later. If you have a drinking problem, it’s better to start dealing with it before it takes your sex life down the drain. Read more about the effects of alcohol on your sex life in this article from the McKinley Health Center.